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Low Back Pain
“Came in to see Dr. Siadati for lower back pain that had me in emergency room the night prior. Within 3 treatments I’m walking, without pain in last 2 weeks. He took me from an 8 on the pain scale to 0. I am Engineer and it is important for me to work without pain. Thank you!” – Ken

“Dear Dr. Bijan, Thank you so much for all of the relief you have given me for my headache from neck pain. This relief has enabled me to better perform my job duties and better enjoy my evening at home. Thank you so much.” – Mina. A

Arthritis pain
“Dr. Bijan is not only a very professional and skilled chiropractor, but listens and administers treatment with expertise and kindness. I have Arthritis pain and I was surprised when after the 2 treatment I felt better than I had in year. I could not understand how much a simple, painless treatment could help so much. Thank you.” – Farsh, H

Back Problems
“Dear Dr. Siadati: Thank you for help I received over the past 4 months. Before seeing you, I was experiencing a problem with my mid back and its range of motion. I also had a stiffened neck. After a few visit, there has been much more range of motion as well as a less stiff neck. I walk and sit better. Exercising is less strenuous. My sinuses also start to drain. I fell better throughout my body and mind. Thank you for your help. Warmest regards!” – Heidy, P